Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (3)

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Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (3)

List below contains words that are frequently confused or misused. Learn the differences in meaning and usage of the words in each pair.

Ensure, Insure Ensure means “to make sure”;

Insure means “to arrange for compensation in the event of damage to or loss”.


You must ensure that everyone gets enough food.

Please insure these goods before exporting them.


Fewer, Less Fewer is used with nouns that can be counted;

Less is used for uncountable nouns.


Fewer students attended the meeting last week.

There was less discussion about the new school rules.


Hear, Here Hear means “listen”;

Here means “in this place”.


I can’t hear you, talk loudly please.

You can put all the books here.


Imaginary, Imaginative Imaginary is something that exists only in the mind;

Imaginative means “creative”.


His fear are only imaginary.

Julie paints well as she is imaginative.


Latter, Later Latter refers to the second of the two things;

Later means after the usual time.


I bought both cakes and fruits, but my children only ate the latter.

I arrived at 7 p.m. my parents arrived an hour later.


Lose, Loose Lose means “to suffer a loss” or “mislay”;

Loose means “free” or “not tied up”.


You must not lose the house key.

I can’t wear this shirt, it’s too loose.


Memorable, Memorial Memorable refers to something that is remembered because it is special or unusual;

Memorial is a structure built to remind people of a famous person or event.


We had a memorable holiday in Bangkok.

The war memorial is certainly worth a visit.