Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (2)

Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (2)

List below contains words that are frequently confused or misused. Learn the differences in meaning and usage of the words in each pair.

Beside, Besides Beside is a preposition meaning “alongside” or “by the side of”;

Besides means “an addition to” or “furthermore”.


In class Ray sits beside me.

Besides the cost, we also have to think about product quality.


Bought, Brought Bought is the past tense of buy;

Brought is the past tense of bring.


Jay bought a new computer.

He brought home the computer in his car.


Defer, Differ Defer means “to delay”, “to put off until another time”;

Differ means “to be unlike” or “to disagree”.


Mary has agreed to defer her departure by one week.

The two sisters differ in their looks but not in their views.


Disinterested, Uninterested If someone is disinterested, he is not involved in a situation and can make a fair decision;

Uninterested means he has no interest at all.


We need a disinterested member to evaluate this project.

Jim is uninterested in getting a new job nearer home.


Emigrant, Immigrant An emigrant leaves a country to live elsewhere;

An immigrant is someone who comes into a country.


The number of Malaysian emigrants to New Zealand has increased.

Indonesian immigrants work mostly in the construction industry.


Eminent, Imminent Eminent means “famous” or “outstanding”;

Imminent means “about to happen”.


Can you name one eminent Malaysian port?

All preparation have been made as the flood is imminent.