Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (1)

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Improve Your English : Frequently Confused Words (1)

List below contains words that are frequently confused or misused. Learn the differences in meaning and usage of the words in each pair.

Accept, Except Accept means “to take something that is offered”;

Except means “to leave out” or “exclude”.


Don’t accept anything from strangers.

Everyone except John came for the meeting.


Adopt, Adapt To adopt someone or something is to make them one’s own;

If you adapt something, you make it suitable for a new purpose or need.


My uncle and aunt have adopted a child since they don’t have any children of their own.

This novel has been adapted into a film.


Advice , Advise Advice is a noun that refers to an opinion or suggestion given;

Advise is a verb meaning to suggest.


You must accept your teacher’s advice.

I’m in trouble, please advise me.


All ready, Already All ready means “everyone is prepared”;

Already means “completed”.


Mum, we are all ready to go.

She has already packed her bags.


Almost, Most Almost means “nearly”;

Most means “a greater part of a whole”.


Jack was almost knocked down by a car.

Most of the workers here are from India.


Breath, Breathe Breath is a noun meaning “air taken into the lung”;

Breathe is a verb meaning “to inhale and exhale”.


Take a deep breath before diving into the water.

Help me, I can’t breathe.