A Frightful Night

A Frightful Night One night, I was walking home from the town. I was alone and there were few people around. The night was cold and I was feeling a little afraid. Suddenly, I heard some footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw two men following me. They ordered me to stop. I was … Read more

An Escape From A Shark

An Escape From A Shark One afternoon I was enjoying a swim in the sea. There were also many swimmers at the place. Suddenly, I heard some frightful cries. I looked back at once. I then saw a huge shark coming towards the shore. I was shocked. There was now a lot of chaos. People … Read more

A Terrible Dream

A Terrible Dream One night I had a terrible dream. I shall never forget that dream. A monster with long, sharp teeth attacked my village. It had killed and eaten many people in the village. The frightened people ran in all direction. There were screams and cries everywhere. At last the monster came to eat … Read more

Caught In A Storm

Caught In A Storm One morning my friend and I went to an island in a boat. Suddenly, a storm broke out. The sea became rough and the boat began to dance on the waves. I was so frightened that I began to pray for my safety. The boatman could not control the boat. Fortunately, … Read more

A House On Fire

A House On Fire One day I was playing football with my friends. Suddenly we heard some frightful cries. We stopped playing at once. We then saw a building on fire. We ran towards the building. We saw a woman jumping out of a window. She fell to the ground and broke her legs. There … Read more